About Us

ACCESS ADVOCACY assists clients in dispute to come together to voice their issues and concerns, to consider options tabled by all parties and to try to reach agreements that are in the best interests of all those affected.

ACCESS ADVOCACY acts as a neutral/non-aligned, confidential third party whose role it is to mediate or help resolve problems or complaints before they become divisive. The overall goal is to provide an empowering, safe, open, problem-solving environment for resolving disputes and issues.

OUTCOMES: Inclusive and welcoming communities are realised and sustained through practices that allow for two-way listening, of sharing wisdom, insights and experience and where concerns are readily and effectively addressed . By generating and considering options, while focussing on each client’s best interests, positive and productive outcomes are achievable.

  The symbol of a jigsaw is significant when discussing concerns and problems as the complete picture is achieved only when all the pieces are in place. Each piece of a jigsaw is important to complete the puzzle. The shared wisdom principle acknowledges that each person's insight and contribution is an important part of the whole picture. Listening, questioning, understanding and discerning are important components in reaching a mutual solution.