Elder and Workplace Mediation


ACCESS ADVOCACY offers an alternative pathway for those who have concerns, disputes or serious matters they would like resolved. Many people simply need confidence, a plan or information about how to have their concerns heard.

Individuals and Organisations can benefit greatly from having a happy and satisfied community where concerns are readily and effectively addressed.

ACCESS ADVOCACY can assist by advocating appropriate ways of resolving issues before they escalate and require the involvement and/or intervention of senior or legal personnel. 

Assistance could range from:

  • supporting Elder clients to express their rights and wishes, in discussions with family and others, when making decisions about their everyday lives and care
  • advising clients about how to approach appropriate senior personnel to address issues or concerns
  • acting as a neutral third party to mediate between parties to resolve issues and reach satisfactory outcomes or agreements without involving legal and industrial personnel or action
  • training staff and/or senior personnel to use mediation skills in section/department disputes

    For further help please contact 0422 33 1943